orange chromide

  1. Circus

    Free Swimming Orange Chromide Fry

    My fry have left the pit! Well, some of them. Others are not quite ready, but working on it.
  2. Circus

    Orange Chromide Fry, Now What?

    Okay, so I had to remove the Molly from the brackish tank, since it ate 2 batches of eggs. The third batch just hatched and I saw about 8 fry. The fry are in a little hole the parents dug in the sand, flopping around a bit. What to I feed them? My ground up flake still looks a little too big...
  3. Circus

    Orange Chromide Eggs

    So I have a pair of my 5 orange chromide cichlids guarding a corner of the tank and chasing away the dalmatian Molly and other chromides. I strongly believe these two are guarding eggs. Here are some pics. It is a 29 gallon aquarium. 5 orange chromides, 1 dalmatian Molly, 1 guppy, 1 wrestling...