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  1. April_ht

    Online Stores Australia

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not I'm sorry, but does anybody know of any good quality online stores to buy from in Australia that sell a range of live plants or aquascaping supplies including rock, driftwood, backgrounds etc? I can't go out yet due to lockdown and...
  2. M

    Betta Buying Advice For A Newbie

    Hi TFF users, I'm new to the world of fish and looking for some advice. I'm planning on buying a Betta for my son's birthday and I need some advice... is it OK to buy online? Can anyone recommend someone to buy from? I was looking at getting an orange veiltail, are they relatively common? My son...
  3. mrstwalker

    Ordering Fish - Help!

    Here lately the stock of Bettas and Orandas at the LFS have been pretty lousy. I am looking to set up a tank for either a betta (already have 2) or  2 Oranda goldfish. I am looking to purchase quality fish of either species from a good breeder.   Does anyone know a good website I could purchase...
  4. mrstwalker

    Cheap New/used Tank - Help!

    Aside from craigslist, what is a good website to purchase either new or used fish tanks and stands?    We are looking for a 20 gallon - 55 gallon tank, and have searched through craigslist relentlessly for the best offer. Does anyone know of another good site to purchase from? thanks! 
  5. P

    Buying Fish Online

    Another random one from me I'm afraid but where does everyone buy their fish and plants ? Do you go through your LFS or on the internet ? I understand that if it's something unusual it might be easier to go straight online and 'cut out the middle man' but does anyone have any experience if...
  6. Valiant

    Best Online Fish Store

    I wanted to get habrosus corydoras but they don't seem to have them at any of my local pet stores, so is there any online websites that sell this type of fish? I've heard about corysrus.com but alot of people have complaints about them.
  7. D

    Bogwood Online?

    Hi guys, I'm after some good sized bogwood and none of my lfs stock anything worth buying. does anyone know of any online places that are worth a look? I'm sure it's been covered somewhere before but can't find anything relevant. Thanks