old betta

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    Rocky is getting old

    Almost 3 years ago I inherited a veil tale betta from a teenager who bought him at major chain pet store in a cup. She was visiting a friend for the summer and without thinking she couldn’t of course take him home on the plane. I’ve done my best to give him a good life these past 3 years. He’s...
  2. L

    Should I Change My Bettas Tank?

    Hello, I've had my fish for about 2 years now and he's not the same fish that he used to be. He's a lot bigger now and he's been sitting at the bottom of the tank all the time now. Is Would buying a new/bigger tank be too much of a change for such an old fish or should I just let him live out...
  3. RCA

    A Retirement Home For Bob

    Hi all, this is the recent journey of Bob, my old Siamese Fighter and his move to his retirement home.   Bob originally came to me after I picked up an old tank for £1 at a car boot in the South and then spent about £60 kitting it out!  When I first got him all his fins had been ripped off by...