nitrite level

  1. D

    Fishless Cycle 3 weeks no Nitrite

    Hello All, currently on day 21 of a fishless cycle and have no nitrites as of yet. Is this normal or have I done something wrong. How long has it taken other people to see nitrites appear ? My tank is 80 litres, the filter is set up and the temperature has been at 28 Celsius / 82 Fahrenheit...
  2. Convictlover

    Ongoing 0.25ppm Nitrite Problem With Water Changes

    Help! My tank is cycled and has been running for over 6 weeks. All my levels have been great up until last week. My nitrite spiked at 1.0-2.0ppm. I did a 50% water change and it dropped to 0.25ppm straight away but has now been stuck at 0.25ppm for over a week. I have been doing 30-50% water...
  3. Kaystojj


    Hey everyone! I hope you’re well :) this is my first post so please be kind! I’ve been reading so much conflicting info about high nitrites and I’m super confused. Im extremely new to keeping fish and I want to get it right! I was told by my local fish shop to cycle my fish tank for 24 hours...
  4. Linkandnavi

    Nitrite constantly rising with no ammonia source

    After a little help here, as I'm non-plussed. I'm mid-fishless cycle with a 450l (120 us gallon) tank and my nitrite readings are making no sense to me. I started with adding Dr Tim's ammonia a couple of weeks ago, plus "one and only" bacteria. I know there are mixed views on whether it does...
  5. S

    In the middle of a cycle

    Hey guys! So I am brand new to all of this! I had some Betta fish when I was younger but honestly was too young to properly take care of them. Durning the quarantine, I decided to buy one. When I did, I set up the tank how most people would think it is okay to set up a Betta tank because this...
  6. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Tank Inhabitants: 2 baby blue shrimp, nerite snail, mystery snail Temp: 1 heater set to 86 deg F Size: 10 gallons added a few cholla wood pieces (x3) and it totally clouded my tank, including these levels: added a carbon pack, but I’m waiting on an air pump for a medium-sized sponge filter
  7. D

    Nitrite level during Fishless Cycling

    Hi, I`m at day 26 of a Fishless Cycle of a 20gl tank, my Ammonia is getting reduced from 2ppm to 0.25pmm in less than 12 hours, my Nitrates are at 20ppm but my Nitrites are far above 5ppm and are not reducing. I have already done several large water changes during the last three days, this...
  8. finfayce

    aquarium salt

    hi i have a 20 gallon long tank. all guppies and one large one small pleco, 3 albino cory catfish,and 2 algae eaters. i bought a new API freshwater water testing kit. all of my levels were good except for nitrites. they were at .225 ppm. i did a water change right away. added Quick Start. i...