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  1. J

    How to deal with a snail infestation in a tank with newts?

    sorry if this is in the wrong thread. So I have searched countless threads and articles on this subject but cant seem to find a solution. Basically I have a cold water tank with two fire belly newts and too many snails to count, it all started when I purchased a new tank and planted live...
  2. Y

    Spanish Ribbed Newt New Arrival

    Hello everyone, My Fiancee and I have just recently purchased a Spanish ribbed newt, he is currently in a moderately planted 20 gallon tank with a filter that is being displaced by a landing, The water temp is being kept at 70-71F, with a sand substrate and two different hiding zones and plenty...
  3. NorthEastFisherman

    Fully Aquatic Newts?

    I have several tanks a 29g, 26g, 15g, 10g, and a few couple gallon tanks. Just browsing petco and saw lizards and geckos and thought how cool they were but my parents would never let me get a gecko or lizard but im sure i could get an aquatic newt of somesort. My question is; is there a fully...
  4. Jessman

    Should I Get Newts?

    Hi, everytime i visit my lfs i see fire belly newts and think they're adorable, and im thinking of getting one or two. I've heard there are two types, and one is a smaller type, this is the type my lfs has.   Just a few questions on how to look after them and habitat etc.   - How big of a tank...