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  1. Katemine

    New to hobby and forum.

    My boyfriend and I are fish enthusiasts who have both previously dabbled in keeping fish, but this is the first time either of is are doing things with research and care. I will probably say we a lot in posts, that is why I mention my boyfriend here. I've quickly become a fish addict. We have...
  2. fisharecool789

    am i stocking too heavy? and questions about bottom feeders for a 10 gallon????

    hey everyone! i’m really new to the fish hobby (got my tank on the 13th & cycled for 2 weeks before adding 4 guppy fries), i have a 10 gallon tank, i am planning on doing medium levels of planting (a few of the plants that look like grass and a bunch of bushels of guppy grass & maybe a few other...
  3. F

    Slightly New To Fish World

    Hello!   My name is Jamie and I am slightly new to the fish keeping world. I used to have 5-10 gallon tanks with male bettas but otherwise have always helped my sister- who spends countless hours on forums such as this and researching aquarium information.  The need to rescue 2 neons in a poorly...
  4. 3

    Hi Everyone New To The Forum And Fairly New To The Fish Game, Also Ju

    Hi everyone im Lee im new to the forum and fairly new to the fish game thought joining a forum would be a good idea if i need any advise.... also can anyone tell me what fish this is please i bought it the other day but forgot what it was called Thanks