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  1. CozyCat

    Introducing myself

    Hi! I'm a new fish keeper from Australia🙃 I set up my first tank for my birthday in February, now I have four tanks lol😂 LOVE corydoras and betta fish, I also have some guppies and a honey gourami called Pikachu. Each of my tanks are planted aquariums except one which houses my mum's betta, it's...
  2. fisharecool789

    am i stocking too heavy? and questions about bottom feeders for a 10 gallon????

    hey everyone! i’m really new to the fish hobby (got my tank on the 13th & cycled for 2 weeks before adding 4 guppy fries), i have a 10 gallon tank, i am planning on doing medium levels of planting (a few of the plants that look like grass and a bunch of bushels of guppy grass & maybe a few other...
  3. hudsona85


    Hello Everyone!   My name is Adam and new to the team of aquarist excellence! I have been following this website forum for a few months now and loved what I have seen and wanted to join in on the fun, questions, opinions, and of course research to futher deepen the roots of this addicting hobby...