1. G

    Culling mixed neocaridina shrimp

    Hi, I have a tank with mixed neocaridina shrimp. I know most people don’t like when they are mixed, but for me it’s not about breeding them, it’s about having several different colors in the same tank, I find that so much fun. I have seen though that several of the babies are brown or clear...
  2. G

    Should I remove different species shrimp?

    Im getting 20 new blue velvet shrimps, but my tank already has 3-4 orange sakura shrimps and 1 red rili. My concern is if they breed the offspring will have bad coloring. They are housed in a 25 gallon, I also have a 90 gallon but I house turtles and large goldfishes in there. I could feed them...
  3. Too Many Hobbies

    Shrimp Infestation

    Trying out video upload via youtube pretty happy to get a lot of shrimp fries after waiting since October.
  4. thrujenseyes

    super strange shrimp behavior on video

    Hey all :) I've been MIA for a tiny bit but all has been so great with my tank (knock wood) that I've kinda put attentions elsewhere. Anyway...super weird behavior caught on video of two dwarf shrimp (neocardinia) one red and one blue (both male...only have males in my tank 5 and one amano)...