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  1. greenmumma141

    Mystery Snail In Fry Tank?

      Just wondering if anyone has any experience with mystery snails in fry tanks. They hitched a ride with the new plants I added, and I assumed they wouldn't touch any eggs I put into the tank.  2 days after adding my angelfish fry, the leaf is bare!! I haven't seen any snails on the leaf though...
  2. CoryLover95

    Is My Snail Dead?

    Hi, I keep 2 Mystery snails in my tank.  This morning when I went to go feed the fish, I found a snail up at the top of the heater.  I'm not sure if it was floating or had latched on, but there seems to be a large fleshy part torn from the snail and protruding in front of it.  The shell is...