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  1. NRPaintings

    Mystery snail disappeared

    Hi there ...I have a bit of an emergency....two new tanks in the house son got a golden mystery snail...his gourami kept picking at it I put in my my tank in my room...mysterious Gary disappeared....I looked everywhere..I have a pleco bottom feeder in tank...I thought maybe he ate...
  2. A

    Should have gotten a bigger tank...

    Hi everyone! I got my first 20 gallon tank at Christmas to set up in my office and I LOVE it. There were some hardships and losses in January-February while I learned about the nitrogen cycle and some danios paid the price. :( I had to stop naming them. :( But then I bucked up, got the Tetra...
  3. cmhassinger

    Good or bad snail?

    So even though I tried hard to keep snails out of my tank.. I see that two have made it in. I have been keeping them out because I just don’t know if they are bad or good. But now that I see two I figured I would learn more about it before making my decision to remove them. They are very tiny...
  4. K

    Will Other Fish Eat my Mystery snails' Eggs???

    I bought some mystery snails for my new tank because they are excellent cleaners since they like to munch on the left over food on top of my substrate. I knew they were breeders but I didn't know that they would breed *this* fast. I've had them for about 4 days now and they started laying eggs...
  5. S

    New snail eating new plant?

    i just got a new tank today along with a good mystery snail and a Crypt plant. I just noticed the snail eating my plant. I read that they only eat dying plants so does that mean my plant is already dying? I don’t want it to get eaten. I took a video but it won’t let me post it on here. I saw the...
  6. H

    Tank Help

    so im pretty new to the aquariam hobby but i want to get an African Dwarf Frog. ive done tons of research and think im ready. however i was wondering some things. i want to get a 10 gallon tank recommendations for best heater and filter for ADF? Also do the plants need to be real, and if so...
  7. V

    My Dwarf Gourami is acting strange

    So, I have Dwarf Gourami that I've owned for a few months now, and as the title says, is acting strange. He sometimes lays on the bottom of the tank, but when I walk over to check on him, he'll get up like nothing is wrong. Also, he won't eat, and he has a white splotch on top of his head above...
  8. A


    I have a mystery snail and it has white specks on its shell looking like ich but no ther fish has ich and it looks like the shell is turning black! Please help me
  9. Chelipe831


    Hello recently purchased an Apple snail for a 5 gallon aquarium and today about a week later after I purchased the snail I found baby snails in the tank ? They baby snails look dark and black was wondering are they the same species of snail or a parasite?
  10. Potterm97

    Mystery snail and African Dwarf Frogs

    Recently I got a Mystery snail for my 10 gallon tank and i'm wanting to add something a little more lively with it. I'm looking into African Dwarf frogs but i'm worried they might think that his antenna or snorkel is food. Does anyone have any experience with keeping these two in the same tank?
  11. S

    Is biOrb FLOW substrate safe for mystery snails?

    I just recently bought and set-up an 8 gal biOrb FLOW tank. I have had tanks (10gal and 30gal) in the past; however this is my first "fancy" tank. Right now my plan is to have live plants and one betta... MAYBE a small school of neon tetra. I would love to add two mystery snails; however, I have...
  12. L

    Mystery Snail Shell Growth Issue?

    Hello, I bought a mystery snail a few months back, put him in my community tank with an Angelfish. The angel left him alone at first, but then started picking on him. As a result, the snail's shell has grown down over his "face", and his tentacles are a lot shorter. I've moved him, and put him...
  13. Demeter32

    Micro planted tank

    I've been thinking to start up a small tank for shrimp and now I've finally bought an all glass 3.4gal. It came with a clear plastic cover (leaves about 1.5 inch gap at the back) and a small but surprisingly powerful internal filter. I already bought a mini heater a week ago so I had everything...
  14. bytez


    i ask for a mystery snail and this one was given to me.. i havent introduce this to my aquarium because im afraid it looks like an apple snail and i dont want it to eat my plants which i just recently planted.. like 2 hours ago.. could anuone please help me.. this is about 3-5 inches snail
  15. A

    Mystery snail not moving

    my mystery snail has just been sitting around, mainly closed up, for days. He does move around maybe an inch or two at most every couple days or so. Mostly he just stays closed up and opens up just enough to see a little of his body every little bit through the day. I'm not sure if this is...
  16. mookat

    Betta ate an algae wafer. Now what?

    So Ruth, my year and a half old betta, decided to eat *an entire tetra algae wafer* intended for the two mystery snails that occupy his tank. I had not given them algae wafers previously, so did not expect Ruth to be such a piggy; he had also just had three frozen blood worms. 24 hours later...
  17. A

    Quick Question: Mystery/apple Snails Or Ramshorn?

    I have three black/purple mystery snails in my 29 gallon freshwater community tank. I also have a 10 gallon nursery tank.    29 Gallon Fresh Community tank: -female bettas (peaceful) -female molllies (relatively peaceful) -3 Black/Purple mystery snails (1"- 1 1/2") -Live plants galore -Medium...
  18. sharkydog

    Java Moss

    I am thinking of creating a landscape-look for my tank and was wondering if java moss can grow on/in sand? I have seen that Java moss is often used to create a 'grass' type look and it seems like it doesn't need much to thrive. I've read that a few people buried their java moss partway into the...
  19. sharkydog

    Mystery Snail With Fuzz

    So, my betta has been recovering from mild fin rot. And I didn't want my snail to be harmed by the medicine, so I put him in a .75 gallon quarantine tank that does not have a filter. This is what I have been doing, and it seemed completely fine until something (probably really stupid) that I...
  20. sharkydog

    Betta, Tank Mates, A 10 Gallon Tank And More

    Okay so, I have a betta currently in a 2 gallon tank. He has a mystery snail with him currently, and has shown no signs of aggression. When I show him a mirror he flares, but he doesn't attack the glass or really do much else of anything and then stops flaring once the mirror goes away(in other...