moving fish

  1. CozyCat

    Tank transportation

    Happy New Year everyone!! I need to move an established tank to a new house about an hour away from my current house via freeway. The tank is a 10-ish gallon Aqua One "AquaStyle", and has ornaments and live plants. The occupants are going to be moved in those plastic bags that you take them...
  2. April_ht

    How to Catch Koi in a Pond?

    My koi fry have reached the age and size where they are able to be moved to my mud pond with a capacity of around 50,000 litres (is this able to hold 10-15 full-grown koi? No filtration, but planted with lillies and other plants and frequent rainfall with an average of around 200ml/month)...
  3. B

    Moving a 250L tank and livestock: Advice Needed

    Hi There! Happy to have joined this community. A friend of mine is moving out of the UK in the near future, and has decided to give me their 250L tank and all their fish. This is a list of what fish currently live in the tank: 5 x Angel fish 4 x Congo tetra 15 x Marble hatchet fish 15 x...
  4. Guyb93

    Moving house

    I’m moving house Saturday and the idea of moving is so stressful and on top of it all the added stress of moving my tank , my plan is to do it like a F1 pit stop no messing about out of the tank and back in the tank within a hour , ideally I would like to move the fish in the tank but a 5ft tank...
  5. Circus

    Taking in unwanted fish

    So this weekend I am going to pick up an occupied tank. The owner of this tank got quite the surprise. This is how it happened. A friend of my mother did one of those auctions, where people buy the contents of an abandoned storage unit. Tucked into the back of the unit was a fish tank, with...
  6. Inkweaver313

    Moving with fish?

    Hi. I honestly didn’t know where to post this so I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. Currently I have (approximate sizes) a 5 inch long, 8 inch long and 11 inch long comet goldfish, a 4 inch long black Moore, 6 African cichlids, and a male betta. In January, I’m going to be moving from...
  7. Inkweaver313

    Tropical fish dying quickly after move wha

    Help! Backstory: I had a 45 gallon tank with mollies and neon tetras set up for about a year. The mollies were breeding like crazy (as they do) so I rehomed all but 5 males. I needed the 45 for a rescue goldfish I got so I purchased a 30 gallon tank. I set it up, let the temperature settle to...
  8. H

    Need Advice to Acclimate Guppies, Aquaponics

    I am moving 3 guppies (1 make, 2 female) to a larger tank. They are to go from a 5 gallon aquaponic system to a 35 gallon aquaponic system. The 5 gallon system is set to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, has a couple filters with mechanical and established biological filtration, decent aeration, and live...
  9. K

    Upgrading Tank Size

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of advice with regards to setting up a new tank. I recently purchased a new 260L tank online second hand with a fluval 305 external filter, currently i have a 120L tank with a fluval u3 internal filter.   What is the easiest safest way to transfer my fish to the new...