moving fish

  1. Inkweaver313

    Moving with fish?

    Hi. I honestly didn’t know where to post this so I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. Currently I have (approximate sizes) a 5 inch long, 8 inch long and 11 inch long comet goldfish, a 4 inch long black Moore, 6 African cichlids, and a male betta. In January, I’m going to be moving from...
  2. Inkweaver313

    Tropical fish dying quickly after move wha

    Help! Backstory: I had a 45 gallon tank with mollies and neon tetras set up for about a year. The mollies were breeding like crazy (as they do) so I rehomed all but 5 males. I needed the 45 for a rescue goldfish I got so I purchased a 30 gallon tank. I set it up, let the temperature settle to...
  3. H

    Need Advice to Acclimate Guppies, Aquaponics

    I am moving 3 guppies (1 make, 2 female) to a larger tank. They are to go from a 5 gallon aquaponic system to a 35 gallon aquaponic system. The 5 gallon system is set to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, has a couple filters with mechanical and established biological filtration, decent aeration, and live...
  4. K

    Upgrading Tank Size

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of advice with regards to setting up a new tank. I recently purchased a new 260L tank online second hand with a fluval 305 external filter, currently i have a 120L tank with a fluval u3 internal filter.   What is the easiest safest way to transfer my fish to the new...