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  1. T

    Moving soon not sure what to do about my shrimp tank.

    Me and my fiancé are getting a place together (whooo!!! exciting!!) that brings the feared and dreaded event… Tank relocation (dun dun dunnnn), I have a 10 gallon with a betta and 6 ember tetras,and a few hiding baby neos. That should be an easy move since im aware of the number of occupants and...
  2. CozyCat

    Tank transportation

    Happy New Year everyone!! I need to move an established tank to a new house about an hour away from my current house via freeway. The tank is a 10-ish gallon Aqua One "AquaStyle", and has ornaments and live plants. The occupants are going to be moved in those plastic bags that you take them...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Moving tips

    I am moving into my first apartment and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for moving tanks. It's only a 15-minute drive but I am obviously still worried about my fish. I have a 45 gallon, 29 gallon, and 5 gallon. I am planning on just using a bunch of 5 gallon buckets. The 5 gallon tank...
  4. Barry Tetra

    Moving the tank few meters

    Hello! I want to move my tank to another stand and it’s only a few meters away! The tank is 20x12x10 with 4 inches deep substrate, I don’t wanna take the tank apart, what can I do?
  5. B

    Moving a 250L tank and livestock: Advice Needed

    Hi There! Happy to have joined this community. A friend of mine is moving out of the UK in the near future, and has decided to give me their 250L tank and all their fish. This is a list of what fish currently live in the tank: 5 x Angel fish 4 x Congo tetra 15 x Marble hatchet fish 15 x...
  6. K

    Advice On Moving A Large Fish Tank

    Hi, So I have a 60 Gal tropical fish tank and a long road trip to my new home. I am wondering what would be the best way of transporting the fish. I have to drive and it should only be 2 days on the road in the spring time ( so possibly a bit cold at night) I have: - 3 angels - 3 grourami - red...