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  1. chevymom89

    New here! Here is my introduction and my fish!

    Hello fellow fish people! I just signed up for this so please be nice lol. I have never been a part of a forum before so any tips would be greatly appreciated. My name is Carrie. I am turning 29 on the 24th of this month. Married for 4 years, together for almost 10. We have sole custody of his...
  2. Demeter32

    New Member :p

    Hello from Michigan, US I recently joined TFF because whenever I have a fish related problem, this site always seems to have the right answers :) Hope I can someday become the person that friends come to when their aquariums are having problem, always willing to lend a hand!
  3. rcampbel04

    New Member - Did My Research After Buying A Tank = /

    Hello everyone. As you can tell from my title, i am new AND made the mistake of not doing my research before buying an aquarium setup. That being said, i have a fresh new 10 gallon tank with two fish in it (angelfish and a blood parrot) and i am caught between returning the fish to do a fishless...
  4. T

    Hey Guys N Gals New To The Forum

    hey every one new to the forum and keep tropical fish, kept them on and off for about 3 years but i just brought a new tank (90lrts) and ive really got interested in it i have 2 angels, 2 dollmation mollys, 2 glass catfish, 3 red eye tetra, 3 red and black tetra, 4 sucking louch and 2 indian...
  5. L


    Hello there I am a new member to this site I have had my tropical tank now for over 3 weeks and at the moment in my tank I have very few fish, the fish I do have are 4 guppies and 1 sucking loach, the loach is male and the guppies well I have 3 females to one male. The male is colour is...