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  1. smurfyy_2k3

    My 350l(ish) marine tank build

    Hello new salt water friends.. Some of the forum may know that I've kept fish now since I was 16, and salt water has always terrified the life out of me. I kept threatening to get a marine tank and honestly have had it in my head now for a little over a year. T'other day I was perusing...
  2. M


    My clown fish are looking kinda weird i need help! I have them for some weeks but now they look like they have e embossed skin?( You can see some white spots too, idk if its just the light) And are losing some colour on the top, they're getting kinda dark and one of them looks kinda on the same...
  3. fishperson100

    10 gallon marine aquarium?

    Hey everybody! So, I have thought of starting a saltwater aquarium, and I have a 10 gallon tank. Are you guys able to tell me what equipment I need, as well as stocking and maintenance? I know my options for stocking are limited, as it is a 10 gallon. Thanks for your help!
  4. C

    Startin new SW from FW setup

    Hi New here, first post. I have a bow front jewel tank 90l with built in 3 tier filter an heater, which has been used for FW for some time. Im thinking of switching to basic salt water set up. Now, after thorough clean of it all would the original filter/ heater be enough to maintain the new...
  5. T


    Hey guys I'm new to this site and new to the whole saltwater set up etc. I have got as much help and information from a local pet store who has many many years experience. One thing I need to ask is about the cycle! We have got a 96L tank, fully set up, sand at the bottom, fluval U2 filter...
  6. Gazzaeng

    Any Good Aquamarine 900

    Hi I'm thinking of getting the aquamarine 900 can anybody give me some advice I have been offered one at a good price I have read some reviews about it. I have a tropical tank but have no experience of marine so I want a tank that is good for beginners I will eventually get a bigger tank with a...