1. T

    Corydora with whit spot on fin

    Hello, so I have had 3 corydoras in my tank for around 5 months now and they have been completely fine so far however 2 days ago I noticed a small white lump on his back fin and decided to monitor it. It has not gone away so am wondering if anyone knows what it is and how I can treat it. I have...
  2. M


    Hello, My fish has a large lump on the top of its head. It seems to be clear except for red close to the head. Behavior is normal. Its underbelly is becoming white as well. Is it serious? Is it something I can do anything abut? Thank you. :)
  3. L

    Glowlight neon tetra - swimming jerky & lump on stomach

    Hi, my glowlight Tetra was lurking around at the bottom of the tank hiding, shaking a bit but seemed like it was just eating food off the bottom of the tank. A while later it was doing the same thing so I thought it can't be still eating, it was almost like it was vibrating/jerking (with its...
  4. J

    Strange lump on Betta

    Noticed today that my betta has a strange lump near the pectoral and ventral fins. He seems a bit pale and slightly more docile than usual but not excessively. He shares a tank with 2 electric blue rams, 7 neon tetras, a few shrimp and a couple of snails. It's a 55L tank, water parameters are...
  5. K

    What is this?

    My 1 year old male guppy has a weird lump in his tail. It is pretty big. He doesn't act like it's affecting him at all. He has had the same tank set up for 2 years it's a 20 gallon. They eat a variety of froazen brine shrimp, brine shrimp dry, algae flakes, and fish flakes. Any ideas to what...
  6. vsparrow

    Lump on Betta fish

    I just got home from college and saw that my betta fish has a lump on the side of his body as well as mild fin rot. I've noticed a decrease in size but not enough that I wont be worried. This is partially my fault because I was keeping him in a small less than a gallon bowl and also my parents...
  7. T

    Weather Loach Huge Lump

    Hi, I have a poorly weather loach, I have had him over ten years and he has always been very healthy until about 3 months ago a small lump appeared on his head and has gradually got bigger and bigger and now has a white patch on it that looks like it is an open sore. He still is very active...
  8. K

    Sick Betta: Lymphocystis?

    Hi All,   I'm a new forum member looking for some help with my sick fishy. I have a charming little 2y/o blue betta boy, 'Wee Mad Arthur', who I stupidly left in the care of someone else while I went away for 3 months. I did leave the caretaker a 3 page document on how to clean the tank and feed...