loss of appetite

  1. M

    Danios mystery illness.

    Can anybody help me with my fish? I set up a new tank around 4 months ago, cycled it and waited till the water was perfect, added plants and 7 spotted danios. I had been cycling the tank (120 litres) for about a month. Water parameters showed no ammonia or nitrates, ph 7.5-8 temp 25C. I used a...
  2. LibertyMoore

    Male Guppy On Bottom Of Tank, Help?

    I have four male guppies in my tank, they are the only inhabitants. On Monday I did a water change, and the next day I noticed one of my guppies (the littlest of the bunch) seems not to be swimming much. He alternated between laying on the bottom, and hanging st the top, near the filter or...
  3. M

    Ich Death :(

    :,( Hypnos has succumbed to ich :( :( :( he developed little white spots on his tail fin about a week ago, then he started to lose his red colour :( I transferred him straight into my hospital tank, treated him with bettafix and salt and kept up my water changes in the hospital tank all week! He...