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  1. K

    For free to a good home - Opaline Gourami

    Hi guys im under 1 year in the Fish game, i have matured my tank nicely but now have realised that due to my eager stocking of fish, i have housed my opaline gourami with Rams and there not getting on great, but i can live with that its more to do with my little guys CPD and Tetras, who...
  2. ukdamon

    My 60L Auquarium

    Hi Guys, here is a pic of my 60L Fluval Aquarium I have more photos on my new website www.soggyfriends.com
  3. ukdamon


    Hello and thanks for having me. I am new to the forum, but I've been keeping fish on and off for many years. I presently have a 60L Tropical Aquarium with community fish, some African Dwarf Frogs and some shrimp. I plan in the future to have a larger Discus aquarium.
  4. Apes

    Selling Up 90L Corner Tank, Equipment, Free Fish (Ealing London )

    Age and condition: 2+ years Quantity for sale: corner tank, stand, all equipment fir tropical setup. Fish with sale but I do have people who might want them, two long fin zebra danios. One harlequin tetra, three zebra loach, 5 neon tetra. One male sword, one female sword. Couple if moss balls...
  5. A

    Full 3Ft Setup: London

    Equipment make/model/size: 3ft tank, metal frame stand, hood, T5 lighting, Fluval 3+ filter, heater, gravel, gravel vac, air pump, homemade CO2 system, mopani wood, couple of small nets. Quantity for sale: Various Reason for Sale: Lots enthusiasm for the hobby Delivery or Collection: Collection...
  6. njstockley

    For Sale: Juwel Vision 260 (sw London)

    Equipment: Juwel Vision 260 in beech (with stand) Age and condition: Used, but good condition. Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Upgraded Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £200 Location: Surbiton, KT6 Photograph: Selling as I've upgraded. Tank is in really good...