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  1. S

    What are these and what can I do with them?

    Hi all, I recently acquired some bits n bobs and amongst these were some Alder cones, some Bonsai shrimp baby food and some unlabelled largish leaves (Photo attached). I hate to throw anything out so I was wondering if I should use these in my tank. My tank is a 330Lish community set up and has...
  2. ella777

    transparent leaves?

    Hi, I recently got two plants from a man selling his tank. He had co2 in his tank but I do not. My leaves have started turning transparent and I dont know what type of plants they are. I dont know what to do with it because its grown rather big and the fish love it. There are dead leaves...
  3. sweeteybabey

    Just Some Random Questions!

    Hello everyone! My 20gal is finally cycled (after 17 days :D) and I'm beginning to buy stuff to fully decorate it. I was wondering if I can use trimmings of my ginseng bonsai tree for decoration? I would boil the leaves since I use bonsai ferts, but I wanted to check just in case it's harmful, I...
  4. B

    Algae Identification, if that's what it is and discussion (pics Included)

    I have been fighting to figure out what this black stuff on my Anubias is. I presume its algae, but i have 0 phosphate, Nitrate, nitrite, & ammonia. The canister filter has been cleaned and replaced with fresh media. Not Pictured: I have 8 Otoc Cats and a few Amano Shrimp that wont eat this...
  5. Ingrid

    What leaves are safe for shrimp ?

    What leaves are safe for shrimp and how should they be prepared for adding to a tank ?
  6. Tyler_Fishman

    Really Amazon!

    I was optimistic about getting MTS snails for my planted 10 gallon, It would be a nice addition to my tank, After some research I have concluded that they are Sudible even crucial for my setup, so I did what any person would do when their LFS did not have something they wanted: Go to Amazon. I...
  7. S

    Walnut Shells And Husks As Medicine/algae Killer?

    Using walnut shells, leaves, extract... "which inhibit or promote recovery from aquatic bacterial, fungal, protozoan, and dinoflagellate diseases on the surface of or in the skin of the animal or from wounds and abrasions, or to control or eliminate metazoan parasites, or to control or eliminate...
  8. Cameronb_01

    Live Aquatics Plants Help

    Hi Guys, I have just begun landscaping my new Rio Juwel 400. So far I have put in one rock, a large piece of wood and four live plants. Everything was going fine, until, having cycled my tank I put in as a start two one month old baby Mollies. I feed them and everything but they are eating away...
  9. L

    Is This Algae?

    Just want to know what these little leaves are and if it needs to be removed or not. My other tank I've had for years has never had this problem so am a bit cofused.