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  1. S

    Orange gritty gunk under tank

    Hi guys, I've recently bought this second hand tank and felt some stickyness underneath. Upon investigation I can see there's a orange sticky gritty funk in wedges of the underside off the tank between the plastic housing and glass and also between the bottom brace and glass. Any ideas? Could...
  2. S

    Limescale on silicone seals

    Hi all, I need some advice on these seals, hopefully you can see the pictures. I bought this tank recently and there is limescale all over it. I'm worried will the tank bust or leak due to the lime ale seeping into the silicone seals? Thanks in advance
  3. C

    Emergency: Canister Filter Leaking from Water Inlet

    Hi, I urgently need help with my canister filter (up aqua aex 450): the filter is leaking. The leak only occurred where the water goes into the filter (where the water goes into the canister). There are no leaks anywhere else. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Electric Warrior

    Worst case scenario - tank leaking!

    Hello everyone. Last night, one of my biggest nightmares began and my 350L Juwel Rio tank started leaking!. I noticed that it started dripping water out of the corners somewhere at the very bottom of the tank, although I couldn't see the point of origin anywhere. I started to get worse, so I...
  5. J

    Unsafe Stand?

    Hi all! Purchased a used stand on craigslist. Know very little about its history (even less about carpentry) and I'm wondering if it's safe to carry a glass 55 gallon tank. The stand seems to be an odd mixture of over- and under-engineering. I'll put pictures in the first reply. I'm...