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  1. V

    I think I killed my fish during water change

    I thought I was getting the hang of water changes, and then this happens. Let me tell you how I do my water changes. First, I unplugged both heater and filter. Then stick the siphon in and siphoned out all the gunk within the substrate until the water looks 25% drained. I take the bucket into...
  2. F

    Help! BETTA FISH

    My beloved fish has been sick for about a month now. Ive tried desperately to figure out what is wrong with him and despite all my research I cant figure out whats wrong. He is visable fine scale and fin wise. He isnt constipated. However, he is extremely lethargic. When he does eat, he throws...
  3. M

    My Poor Betta Has Red Eyes

    Our tank was doing well until we did a water change with out a water purifier our fishes scales started to fade, but when we put water purifier in the all got better except for one his eyes turned red and he just lays at the bottom of the tank he's defenitely alive we just don't know what's...