king betta Pet of the Month
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  1. syren

    Post antiparasitic tx for roundworm, Betta not doing well

    Good Morning! I think this is the right spot to post my concerns on my King Male betta (if I’m incorrect let me know, I’m new to these threads and am just looking for advice. Will repost accordingly :) ) I have a male King Betta (he is housed alone, too aggressive for tank friends.) that was a...
  2. Circus

    More likely to jump?

    In the last year I have had two betta jump out of their tanks. Both were King Betta. With the first, he was in a 10 gallon, but the lid was not well secured. I then updated all of my tanks to have heavier glass lids. I just had my 2nd jumper hop out of a 29 gallon tank with a well secured...
  3. LyraGuppi

    Meet The New Guy!

    I finally decided on the 10 gallon to stay as a betta tank, so the mom and I ran up to Petco to see what they had. There were three bettas that caught my eye.. a koi (ish) king betta, a yellow halfmoon with a black head, and a tiny pale male with a bent spine. After around 20 minutes of going...
  4. LyraGuppi

    King Bettas?

    I traveled up to Petco (I know, I know, bleh) recently to see what they had, and I saw a few king bettas, one being a nice dark blue color. This got me thinking, what are "king" bettas? Selective breeding, a deformity, or just large fish? Are they healthy? ( like, do you have organ problems)