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  1. R

    Juwel Rekord 60 Correct Water Level For Pump/filter

    Hello guys, I need your advice re my Juwel Rekord 60. I just bought and install it, and after I've fulled it with water I just notice 2 different cycles for how the pump is working: 1. If the water level is exactly aligned with the line shown by the filter sticker, than every 15 sec the pump...
  2. SmokedPaprika

    Juwel Rekord 600

    Hi,   Has anybody had one of these tanks?  Measurements are 61 x 31 x 42 cm so it's nice and compact, which is what I'm after - I don't have a lot of space, unfortunately!  I'd like to stock it with a siamese fighting fish, a school of something smaller, and maybe a snail or large-ish shrimp as...