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internal parasites

  1. H

    Fish expel live white worms

    When I feed my fish, sometimes I'll notice one expel a little white worm. It literally wiggles in the water. I never can tell which fish it is and the worm is quickly eaten by another fish. I've had fish all my life and I've never recalled ever seeing one expel a worm. I've tried Expel-p for...
  2. Mollyforever

    Normal molly poop?

    Hello 👋 My black molly has a strange color poop. Is this normal? He has been pooping clear poops with red tips for the past two days i fed him some peas and flakes.
  3. M

    Malawi Cichlid Diet Query

    This is likely a really stupid question, but in the small hours I was thinking about the years I’ve kept Malawi’s successfully (Circa 10 years) I’ve had some minor issues with this batch I’ve started with recently, seemingly an internal parasite issue. I’ve been feeding Thera+ for the past week...
  4. Barry Tetra

    Internal parasite

    So this is the questions from another thread, I think my betta and rosy have internal parasite, the stomach getting bigger over the past few day. @Colin_T
  5. casdeswinchester

    White stringy poop? Fish dying

    So yesterday some of my female bettas had been resting on the gravel and not moving or eating and fading color. Today my angel fish is also doing the same as well as breathing rapidly, my other angels and mollies are fine but are pooping long stringy white poop, this has been going on for about...
  6. crunch7

    How to treat Internal Parasites and sunken belly in African Cichlids ( Malawi) using metro

    Hi , My main tank a 75 gallon 4.5 feet long African Malawi Cichlid community tank with some 25 odd has been infected by internal parasites as I have noticed few fish are having sunken belly and stringy white poop. I have done the following already since past 4 weeks. I am keeping them on...
  7. P

    Betta has possible internal parasites? Please help!

    I think my betta fish, Periwinkle, has internal parasites. One day I came home from school to see that he has stringy white poo. However, that’s the only symptom I see. I’m a beginner, so I thought it’s better to seek help from more experienced fishkeepers. He’s in a 10 gallon by himself...
  8. N

    Help, Unwell Platy With Internal Parasites?

    I have a platy who looked stressed for a few days (fins clamped), delivered some fry, then looked even worse after. It became skinny, hunched, uninterested in food, started hiding, and is now being nipped by the other fish. I showed a video of the fish to a fish store who tested my water again...
  9. markanthany

    Dwarf Puffers & Internal Parasites

    Hi all, I'm new here.  I acquired three dwarf puffers three days ago and after a bit of reading, found that the vast majority of them come with internal parasites.  However, I noticed that only maybe one out of the ten threads I had read of people treating their sickly puffers, actually ended...