internal parasite

  1. casdeswinchester

    White stringy poop? Fish dying

    So yesterday some of my female bettas had been resting on the gravel and not moving or eating and fading color. Today my angel fish is also doing the same as well as breathing rapidly, my other angels and mollies are fine but are pooping long stringy white poop, this has been going on for about...
  2. crunch7

    How to treat Internal Parasites and sunken belly in African Cichlids ( Malawi) using metro

    Hi , My main tank a 75 gallon 4.5 feet long African Malawi Cichlid community tank with some 25 odd has been infected by internal parasites as I have noticed few fish are having sunken belly and stringy white poop. I have done the following already since past 4 weeks. I am keeping them on...
  3. BrookieB86

    Male Cherry Barb With Bulge Just Behind Abdomen? Internal Parasite?

    Hello all! I'm having some issues with my 75 gal live planted community tank after being forced to replace the filter with an uncycled new filter after the old one started leaking BADLY! I am now running a Fluval 406. All of the water parameters are fine: Ammonia - 0, Nitrate - 0, Nitrite, 0...