injured fish

  1. FrezhFinz

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Sick?

    I just got home from work today I have a 29 gallon with one firemouth, two blood parrots, and a EBJD and I noticed he was hiding a lot yesterday and today I see him at the bottom of the tank laying on the sand and I saw him doing a roll on the sand almost equivalent to how a gator does that...
  2. I

    Help with my gurami!

    Yesterday I got a gurami for my tank. I didn't notice this when I got him. What Can I do? What is this scar? Please help, Thanks
  3. reptilenotfish

    Bald patch on otos head!

    I've kept four otos with a male betta in a heavily planted 6.5 gallon (30c) aquarium for a little less than two years now (don't know exactly how long), and haven't had any issues so far. Yesterday, I was watching the tank, and noticed a pale cream bald patch on one of their heads. my first...
  4. biofish

    Sick Guppy: nipped fins and jumped out

    Hello! I’ve got a sick guppy and from observations I don’t think he’ll make it. The day before yesterday, I dropped an algae wafer into my tank for the first time for my algae eaters because my algae is FINALLY getting under control, and all of other, non algae eater fish, swarmed it and...
  5. B

    Help!!! Betta Sick??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I have a problem with one of my fish! I have a young male butterfly half-moon betta in a community tank (he's very a very gentle soul). Yesterday I found him 'stuck' behind the water heater (now I know bettas are notorious for sticking themselves places they...
  6. M

    Help! My peppered Cory has lost its barbels

    Help! I got a new 45 litre tank 5 weeks ago, cycled it, and put 6 neon tetras in a few weeks later as the water was fine. A week later I tested the water and it was good so put in 3 peppered corys. A week after they've gone in and one has lost its barbels and is breathing really heavily. The...
  7. Z

    My Glofish got stuck behind the filter and injured himself

    The tail looks broken... will he survive? He is currently lieing down at the bottom of the tank on his side breathing slowly. He also has a black spot above on of his eyes. Please let me know about what I should do.
  8. Aqua_Life

    Betta Infection, Injury Care: Help Pls

    I recently decided to set up a nano aquarium (2.1 gal). I didn't intend to place any fish within the aquarium (a planted tank & maybe a few dwarf shrimp) as it is far too small for any fish to truly thrive and be happy. However after getting it setup and cycled I was looking for potential plants...
  9. Meg0000

    corydoras is injured and pearl gourami problem again

    Hello, one of my bronze cory has a small cut, it is hiding right now so I can't take a picture but I would like to know what I have to do. Also I am back to the same problem one of my 4 pearl gourami is hiding it's the smallest. I was away for a week so I don't know for how long it has been like...
  10. C

    Ghost Catfish Missing Fin

    My ghost catfish is missing part of its tail. It's swimming in circles or not at all. I've moved it into my quarantine tank, which is doubling as housing for a betta. Is it okay in with the betta? Also, what could have caused this missing fin? I have four more in my tank right now, in with...