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  1. A

    Vampire crab BREEDING!!

    Hey guys! Wondering if there's any information you guys can give me about breeding vampire crabs? There isn't much information online only categorizes it as difficult and tells you what the female does once pregnant. Any information would be brilliant!! Cheers Ath
  2. M

    What the heck will fit in a 54 litre?

    Hello! Currently I have a 54 litre (15 US Gallon I think) tank that is 60cm by 30 by 30 and has fairly hard water. It's stocking: 1 Keyhole Cichlid 1 Peacock Gudgeon What other suitable tank mates could be added? I was thinking a shoal of dwarf neon, celebes or threadfin rainbows. Or...
  3. K

    New Beta Owner

    Hello! I need tips and recommendation and how to destress my beta. Last week I bought a male black mustard beta (Goldie) from the local PetSmart. I’ve talked to the fish department worker about proper ways to take of Goldie. He was able to give me some information but I knew I needed to do more...
  4. C

    New, looking for tips

    Hi, I'm new to fish keeping and am looking for any tips and advice anyone can give. The plan is to keep tropical fish, in a 90L tank starting small and gradually introducing more. Is there anything I definitely should or should not do starting off? Any information is appreciated. I have done a...
  5. shikarii

    Glo Tetra bloated

    Currently have 5 glo tetras in a 10 gallon tank. Ive had the tank for a year and a half. Water levels are fine, I noticed my yellow one is extremely bloated, the others are fine. Any advice on how to fix this? He eats and swims normally.
  6. G

    Questions About Rosy Reds And Bettas

    Hi guys and girls. im just starting this topic on information on rosy reds and bettas. i recently gave my old 5 gallon tank to my 10 year old brother and he has a really cool red betta named Cosmo, and 3 rosy reds (2 white ones and 1 orange one), and we just wanted some advice on the two kinds...