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  1. D


    I have a marble molly who i cant tell the sex. they wee fine earlier today and then i came home and they were laying at the bottom of the tank. I isolated them in a cup and theyre trying to eat but sink everytime they try to swim. What can I do? Im really concerned and dont want to lose them.
  2. mrstwalker

    Aquarium Journal - Advice?

    I have heard of several people using/making aquarium journals for their tanks. They log information about water changes, water quality tests, illnesses, medicating, plant care etc. to keep up with the history of their tank. I think this is a marvelous idea and I really want to start a few of my...
  3. C

    Butterfly Goldfish

    I bought an orange butterfly goldfish recently, and I noticed after a few days that he tends to lean to one side at times. I haven't been observing him for very long, as I just noticed it, but he'll swim fine one second, and the next be floating sideways at the top of the tank. I think it might...
  4. R

    Cherry Barbs Swiming Upwards, Dining For Exhaustion.

     One day I noticed that one of my older cherry barbs was swimming upward, like he was struggling to stay afloat. I thought it was swim bladder disorder, and I did everything I could, but he died, I think from exhaustion. Then two of my younger barbs stared swimming like they were struggling up...
  5. L

    Tropical Fish, Poorly - Panda Garra - Help

    Hello, I'm Lynsey, I've had tropical fish for over three years now and I have recently in the last couple of months upgraded to a bigger tank. All going well until this week, I introduced some new fish over a month ago and suddenly my Panda Garra (new fish) has a white/red scrape on the back...
  6. S

    Fish With Swim Bladder Problem

    Hey all,   I have a Silver Dollar that has been struggling with what I assume to be swim bladder disease. He spends his time frantically swimming towards the surface just to stay buoyant.    It's been over a month since he started doing it. I have tried epsom salts, feeding green peas and...
  7. F

    Green Tiger Barb Illness?

    Hi everyone,   Recently I have introduced a group of Green Tiger Barbs (x6) in my tank. For exact details, I have left the tank for 2 weeks before adding them. 1 has died due to breathing issues and a broken fin. However after having the remaining 5 fish in the tank for a week, 1 of them has...
  8. J

    Gourami "illness" - Please Help Identify!

    I've been having "issues" with the Gourami's in my tank...  Originally, I had 2 Golds, 1 Pearl, 1 Opal, and 1 Paradise.  There was no bullying or fighting because all the fish were added at the same time and were only 1-2" each when added.   A few months ago, I started battling what I thought...
  9. N

    Help! Whit Bumps On Goldfish

    Hi I have had a half barrel pond in my garden for about 8 months and added 3 goldfish to it about 3/4 weeks ago. I noticed one had white bumps on its fin when I put it in, but thought this was just part of its markings. These have now spread and the other 2 goldfish have them too, mainly on...
  10. Dmbandstef

    What Is Wrong With My Fish?

    My fish have been twitching their heads, rubbing on rocks, and one of my cories ( the only cory showing signs of illness) keeps swimming to the top for air. I have been treating with mardels quICK cure. It treats multiple illnesses but I do not know whats wrong. Please help!
  11. P

    Fish Illness?

    What illness is this?
  12. D

    Can Someone Tell Me What's Wrong With My Fish? I'm Really Worr

    Hi there I'm new to this website so this is probably in the wrong section but I'm really worried about my fish. I've had him for 3 years or so.   I've added some photos because i really can't describe it at all. They're not very clear because we had to remove the fish from the main tank (shared...
  13. SELINA

    Electric Blue Ram - Gill Has Been Ripped Off

    Tank size: 60L pH: 6.8 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 tank temp: 23c Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Bought a pair of electric blue rams sunday, all looked fine when we went to bed. Woke up yesterday and the gill is missing from one...
  14. H

    All Guppies In Community Tank Are Dying

    I have a community fish tank that has been fine for awhile, I recently bought some new fish from the pet shop, which I think introduced something into my tank. All of my guppies are dying, they are the only type of fish to be affected, the bettas, tetras, loaches and catfish etc are unaffected...
  15. T

    Betta With Major Swollen Side (Meds Not Doing Much)

    I have been trying to treat my Betta for a large swollen side and very little pooping (though he is still active and eats like a horse). The spot is very large focused to one side as well as transparent (with only a tint of yellow). This issue has been going on since a bit before New Years and...
  16. W

    Help Siamese Fighter Has Strange Whiteness On Scales And Partial Loss

    can anyone advise me. my fighter has, in the last two days, had a strange looking white patch on his scales next to his tail fin(not on the fin) also his dorsal is half missing. is it fin rot? does fin rot affect scales? please help!!  i would upload photos but i cant seem to get the files small...
  17. ssharp1

    Losing Fish

    In the past month, I've lost a Mickey Mouse Platy, a Swordtail, and I'm on the verge of losing another platy, and they've all displayed the same symptoms, but only one fish has been sick at a time. The symptoms are rapid breathing and fin movement (they look like they're struggling just to stay...