1. BioBaby

    What are your favourite aquascaping trends / themes ?

    I just bought a 10 gallon tank (PetSmart is having a sale!!) and I want to aquascape it, but I've never really aquascaped beyond gravel and some decorations. I'm looking for ideas on what to do with it. I don't have a plan for any specific fish yet, but I want a community tank of maybe three or...
  2. cooledwhip

    Is This Even Algae?

    I have had my tank for about a month and a half now and it h as 1 guppy and lots of plants. Recently I noticed a lot of crap on my driftwood and plants, I had to move my sagittarius out of it because it was almost all brown leaves. Here are some pictures I took, they can explain better than I...
  3. S

    10Gal To Crowded?

    I just got a ten gallon tank for Xmas. What is in it is. 4 platypus 4 neon yryras 4 zebra danois. And 2 Cory catfish. It looks crowded to me. Its only been set up for a week and no looses yet. I'm just worried about to many in that small tank. Oh yeah one male Betts also. Its for my...