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ideas for my bigger tank

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  1. Z

    New 45 Gallon, stocking ideas.

    Hello, I just got a 45-gallon tank. I wonder what to do with it, as the original idea was shell-dwellers, but that was decided when I thought I was getting a 30 or 35, not a 45. I currently have a 30-gallon long nano community, a 10-gallon block Black Tiger Dario/Badis tank, an 80-gallon high...
  2. Mollyforever

    20g tank more hiding spots?

    Hey everyone! i have a 10 gallon fish tank with two mollies (the one with blue gravel in the photo) and i got a 20 gallon fish tank to move my fish into! the 20 gallon tank is nearing the end of fishless cycling and i was wondering if i need more caves or hiding spots for the new tank. if...
  3. JT-SCFC-1912

    Bubble Effects In Aquariums

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a bigger tank next year, One idea I've had is like a bubble effect, seen them on a job lot of videos on the internet and like the effect of bubbles in the tank, anybody have these in their's, are they expensive to run, and are they hard to clean? Etc.