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  1. Yuhui

    Cleaning ick

    Hello, so I’m currently treating ich with salt and Turning up the heat for my goldfishes. Nothing major and most of the ich is already clearly up. I’m still kinda new to the fish hobby and stuff and I’m not sure how to probably clean the filters after the whole ick treatment things clears up. Is...
  2. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  3. Ralphw62

    My Ich Treatment Is Successfully Over,, How I Did It And Whats Next?

    My ICH Treatment is successfully over,, now what? I had this battle with "new tank syndrom" at the same time! what I did... First..I slowly raised temp up to 85-86-degrees.. Removed carbon Used Petco Herbal Ich Treatment (in know but it worked) followed the instructions on bottle, treat...