1. Cameronb_01

    Ph Controllers

    Hi Guys,   I have been keeping tropical fish now for three years and I have  always wanted to keep discus fish. However they require quite low Ph and for years I have been told by the people in my LFS that the only way to do this is by using a barrel to collect rainwater or by putting a large...
  2. J

    Molly Fish: After Male Inserts Sperm, How Long Until Black Pregnancy D

    Hi, I am Joseph... I was just wondering how long after sperm was inserted into the female, does the female show that she is pregnant or in other words the "black dot" appears in front of her "anal fin?"
  3. RossC

    How To Properly Clean An External/canister Filter

    How to Properly Clean an External/Canister Filter I've seen this question asked on many forums and all over YouTube so I thought I’d write a friendly and hopefully easy to follow guide on how to maintain your canister/external filter. Step 1: As with any sort of tank maintenance turn off...
  4. D34DLY

    Custom Fish Tank & Stand Quotes Comparison

    Hi guys, this is mainly for my reference. However I thought it'd be cool for others to be able to read through it also. Possibly those in the process of deciding whether or not a custom tank is for them or not. Nevertheless, below you will find a list of companies and their prices. Some stating...