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  1. KatNor21

    How does one afford this hobby??

    Let's be real for a second. 😂 How do you afford this hobby? I'm a beginner, as in, less than 6 months into it. I have 3 tanks and enjoy aquascaping and fishkeeping, but I've spent SOOO much money. Like, hundreds and hundreds. To make matters worse, practically every time I run into a problem and...
  2. PlasticGalaxy

    Collectors, Magpies and General Hoarders

    Since there's no specific section in the hobbies forum for collecting, I'm starting up this thread to welcome all collectors (from minimalists to borderline hoarders) to talk about their collections! Since this is a fish forum, collections linked to fish keeping or aquariums is welcome, but I'd...
  3. M

    Breeding guppies as a hobby

    Hello guys, Hope everyone is well!! I have a question. I have kept guppies for years and recently have thought about selling some of my fry on as part of my hobby! Does anyone else do this? Do you find you have to many fry and you can't sell them all? What platforms do you use to sell your...
  4. Barry Tetra

    Quarantine day 9 and my hobby.

    So this is what I was doing in the past 9 days, I was building Lego; and Ender Dragon, star wars Eta2 starfighter, sphinx, piano and a time traveling Tardis. Most of the build was done in 2 days. Lego tardis inspired from
  5. Barry Tetra

    My hobby...

    Please note that no animals have been harmed; they have all died from natural causes. Some people may find the images upsetting; if you are likely to be distressed, please do not read any further. Members are cautioned that abusive comments made to Barry Tetra or about taxidermy practices in...
  6. BettaPonic

    What do you think?

    I love Fitbit and really work hard to get my steps. A few months ago I had to take a break because of an injury. https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/01/03/how-using-a-fitbit-could-lower-your-healthcare-cos.aspx
  7. M

    Marina 60L Tank 3 Month Into Hobby

    Hi everyone   I'm new to this site and found that i want to share my experience as a Tropical Fish keeper.   i've a marina 60l tank and ive been set up for around 3 months. although i'm happy with my set up i can't help but feel i want more live plants in my aquarium. i dont have substrate...