high ammonia levels

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  1. C

    Frontosa issue in new tank

    Hello! I have a 20 gallon temporary tank (working on a 75 gallon to be ready next week) and i have a three small black Calvus, a couple small shell dwellers and i just added two very young Frontosa. (About 2”) Again- this is only until my big tank is ready next week. My one Frontosa is...
  2. Halawrence

    How to ammonia levels down

    Hi guys! So I have a 5.5 gallon fish tank with a betta and a mystery snail. They get along great which is nice. However, I am doing almost 75% water changes weekly. Today, I tested the water and the ammonia was 2.0 ppm. I water change every Saturday. I am really having problems keeping his...
  3. S

    Ammonia Levels At 8.0 Ppm! Help!

    Hello, We recently noticed that out tiger barbs were just laying around, not eating as much, and losing a lot of color. We are beginners so we do not know much about taking care of fish tanks. It is a fairly new tank it is about 2-3 weeks old. So we bought an API Liquid Test kit and the levels...
  4. FurFinFeathers

    High Ammonia Please Help! Sos

    I started up my 10 gallon freshwater tank by waiting 3 days before i got any fish in January and it is now March. Ever since adding fish, my ammonia levels have always been dangerously high, staying mostly at the range of 6.0. We have tried everything, from reduced feedings, to adding an air...