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    Something wrong with Zebra Danio?

    Got these zebra danios 2 days ago, he was fine this morning and after feeding them flake food, he's stuck floating at the top of the water. he's still quite active as you can see, but he's not going down and seems to be slightly floating on his side at the top.
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    Anyone know what's wrong with my Neon?

    I've attached a link to a YouTube video I filmed of my new Neon. I just got him today as part of an extra group of 4 Neon's I'm adding to my existing 5 Neon's. All the other Neon's are fine but as you can hopefully see in the video, he seems to have problems staying level. When he swims he's...
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    HELP!! My blue dwarf gourami looks like he has dirt all over him and his fins

    hi there! One of my blue dwarf gouramis is looking VERY weird. He literally looks like some one just threw dirt all over him and his fins. I shared some pictures of him in this post as well. His fins are also very odd right now and kind of look like fin rot but fin rot doesn't have any side...
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    Help. My friend's betta is sick.

    My friend asked me to take a look at her betta. He'd been doing fine until a few days ago when she noticed a white spot near his anus. I was hoping someone might be able to help us diagnose him.
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    New Baby Betta- Concerned About Health?

    I got a baby betta boy recently, his name is Kenny. He seems to be around 5-7 weeks old. I’m a little concerned about his health, he’s been very lethargic and has spent much of his time at the bottom of his tank. His fins are mostly clamped, even when swimming. He swims pretty slowly as well...