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  1. J

    Betta identification and genetics

    Hello, I believe I have a 'fancy' halfmoon male betta (see picture, may be wrong) and I am going to try and breed him with one of my females (currently all veiltails). However, I read somewhere that the veiltail gene is dominant and thus would result in all the fry having a veiltail... is this...
  2. V

    Shredded, Bloated Betta

    Hi. I'm a new betta owner, and I bought my fish about two months ago. I took care of him for the first month, and he was shy but healthy. After a month of vacation and leaving the fish in my fathers' care, I am very stressed with his new appearance. Although he is happy and friendly, is eating...
  3. B

    Help! What's This Thing On My Betta?

    I've had my Halfmoon Betta, Angel, for about 2 months. I noticed this weird growth(?) on him this morning and I've been super worried about it. Can anybody help me identify it? I keep his water between 78 - 85 degrees. I change it and condition it every week. He's fed twice a day (Aqueon Betta...
  4. O

    Emergency! Betta - Please Help If You Can, Something Has Gone Very

    Dear members, What a stressful few days it has been in my house!!! I have no idea what happened, everything was going so well with my little adopted fish – even my known tail biter seemed okay and then everything took a turn for the worst. If you do not have time to read through all the...