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  1. E

    Freyed Guppy Tails

    I have 6 male guppy’s and they all seem to have some type of trauma to the tail, some look freyed and split and others look like chunks are missing. I’ve been monitoring this for a while and removed fish and ornaments incase it was overcrowding problem and still hasn’t improved. I’m wondering if...
  2. J

    Guppy with lump and red spot, getting worse

    Hi, If anyone could reply that’s great, Me and my partner have had our 6 female guppies since the start of april, they were pregnant at the time and i think this one still is. We added three albino corydoras and some shrimp yesterday and later that evening we noticed one guppy which we think...
  3. S

    Guppy Compapnions

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello, I am soon to become a new owner of 4 guppys in my 10 gallong tank! I'm interested in if anyone knows what other 2 fish I could get that fit the tank and are friendly towards guppys?
  4. S

    Is my new female guppy pregnant?

    So i’m new to the guppy world, i exhausted myself with research, set up a new tank and brought home one male and two female guppies, My smaller female named oatmeal has a small gravid spot and seems to act normal, my other female, Ethel has a dark larger gravid spot however she was in an only...
  5. B

    Diy Sponge Filter For Guppy Fry Tank

    I found a really nice cylinder jar at the thrift store that holds about 6 gallons of water or so. I have my new born guppy fry in there with a bubbler/airstone and a live plant. Every night I siphon out the waste that settles at the bottom with a hose or turkey baster and replace with treated...
  6. P

    Tank Breakdown - Variety Of Fish For Sale / Offers

    We need to break up our freshwater tank so have a variety of fish needing a new home.   Offers welcome. Flexible on prices - most important thing is to get them to a good home.   Collection, or may be able to meet midway if you're not too far away. We're in Forest of Dean, near Chepstow.   If...
  7. tmoney7

    What To Stock For My 10 Gal

    Okay so i got another 10 gal going but it is only in its 2nd day of cycling so i have a ways to go before i actually can put anything in it, but i was trying to decide on what i want to put in it.  I personally love the small schooling fish but you don't have very many options for a 10 gal there...
  8. D

    Gradually Losing Female Guppy's

    Tank size: 34L Link pH: 7.5 ammonia: 1 ppm (4 ppm two days ago) nitrite: 1 ppm (0 two days ago) nitrate: 5 ppm (30 this morning) (0 two days ago) kH: N/A - I don't have a test for these. gH: N/A tank temp: 22 'c (I have it colder than usual for the weather loaches)   I am testing twice daily at...