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    Lighting Schedule

    PLEASE READ!! What would you consider to be a good light schedule for a 10 gallon tank with guppys? And if there anything else I need to know that has to do with lights? I have already bought the lights though so there's no worries in having to recommend me any lights. Any recommendations will help!
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    Help With Names!

    This is going to one of my more fun posts! I need help with finding names for my soon to be 5 guppys and 1 snail! I'm thinking of group names from TV shows, movies, books, etc. I will post a poll with some of my ideas and please vote for your favorite option! (There will be an option labeled...
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    Guppy Compapnions

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello, I am soon to become a new owner of 4 guppys in my 10 gallong tank! I'm interested in if anyone knows what other 2 fish I could get that fit the tank and are friendly towards guppys?
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    How Much Guppys Will Fit In My 10 Gallon Tank

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello! I'm going to soon become a new owner of guppies (Though I have been an owner of a betta before). I am interested in how much guppies would be able to fit in my 10 gallon tank? I was think of getting about 4 guppies and MAYBE get 2 dwarf gouramis. And also, I don't know if...
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    Guppy emergency!

    Hello, everyone -- I had four baby guppies in a five-gallon tank -- three males, one female. As they got bigger and the males got more excited, I got a ten-gallon for my female guppy. I moved her into that tank, and I got a second female and put her in as well. I let the tank cycle, tested the...
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    When will my guppy drop her second batch of fry?

    Hello everyone!! My pregnant guppy had a batch of fry of only 9 for her first brood. I was wondering if that was normal or did she maybe eat some? She gave birth overnight, so I wasn’t able to know until next morning when I woke up. I have a ton of hiding places for the babies and do know...
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    My guppy is dying!! Advice needed!

    Ok, so a while ago I noticed a lump growing on my one male guppy's side. Today, he can barely swim and is turning from his usual yellow to a silvery blue. I know he's past the point of return, but am unsure of what to do. I have two other guppies in the tank that seem, for the most part, fairly...
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    Weird behaviour of female RREA

    Tank size: 90L pH: 7.6 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: <10ppm kH: N/A gH: N/A tank temp: 25-26 degrees celsius Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): The female is always at the bottom with clumped fins, rarely comes to the top and swims...
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    Guppy fish help

    So I've had a 10 gallon tank for a while that has 3 guppies a couple gouramies and some mollies. i recently switched over to a 30 gallon after letting it filter through for a week. All of my fish seem fine except my one guppy has some red striping around its head and its tail has turned black...