1. SAChichlidLover

    Guide to CA/SA Cichlids.

    Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to guide anyone who is new to keeping new world cichlids or would like to know random facts about them or experience etc.. Feel free to talk about whatever you want about new world cichlids or new world cichlids you might own! This is going to be a long one...
  2. fishperson100

    Favorite Aquarium Books

    Hey all! I’m thinking about purchasing some aquarium books to have on hand (and because they are fun to read :)). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  3. cooledwhip

    CooledWhip's Dirted Tank Guide.

    I will be updating this guide multiple times. This is the first section that I have created and the second sections will be coming soon, as soon as I get hardscape and stuff to set it up and plant it. Hey everyone, I have mentioned that sometime in the future I would make a dirted tank guide...
  4. C

    Platy And Swordtail Breeding

    I have a tank of platies and sword tails alot and i have a separate tank of their kids but i wanna knw the best method to breed them quickly and healthy btw what kind of foods should i give to them. thanks in advance.
  5. RossC

    How To Properly Clean An External/canister Filter

    How to Properly Clean an External/Canister Filter I've seen this question asked on many forums and all over YouTube so I thought I’d write a friendly and hopefully easy to follow guide on how to maintain your canister/external filter. Step 1: As with any sort of tank maintenance turn off...