1. fishperson100

    Favorite Aquarium Books

    Hey all! I’m thinking about purchasing some aquarium books to have on hand (and because they are fun to read :)). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  2. cooledwhip

    CooledWhip's Dirted Tank Guide.

    I will be updating this guide multiple times. This is the first section that I have created and the second sections will be coming soon, as soon as I get hardscape and stuff to set it up and plant it. Hey everyone, I have mentioned that sometime in the future I would make a dirted tank guide...
  3. C

    Platy And Swordtail Breeding

    I have a tank of platies and sword tails alot and i have a separate tank of their kids but i wanna knw the best method to breed them quickly and healthy btw what kind of foods should i give to them. thanks in advance.
  4. RossC

    How To Properly Clean An External/canister Filter

    How to Properly Clean an External/Canister Filter I've seen this question asked on many forums and all over YouTube so I thought I’d write a friendly and hopefully easy to follow guide on how to maintain your canister/external filter. Step 1: As with any sort of tank maintenance turn off...