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  1. B

    Has my API GH test kit gone wonky - no change from orange to green?

    I got an aquarium (2nd hand) in very good shape from a friend (nearly new; his kids lost interest) and with a multitude of API test kits. I've set up my tank with Seiryu stones and driftwood, volcanic Malang sand substrate (all cleaned properly, boiled the driftwood etc.), and added some live...
  2. Aisilence

    How to add GREEN FOOD to Black Ghost Knifes diet?

    Hey! So I've read that any fish should have a variety of food in their diet to keep them healthy, including my BGK fish. He is about 3 years old and was always eating just frozen blood worms. Anything else I put in my tank - he completely ignores it. I'm sure frozen blood worms are his favorite...
  3. Waterfins

    Can Two Green Terrors Be Housed Together?

    I have done research on this fish and found out they're aggressive, I was wondering if two could be housed together in a large aquarium or if they would fight to the death and I just shouldn't bother. I have also been really interested in getting a Green Terror or a Jack Dempsey and I'm...
  4. Flinkbag

    Water Colour Is Gross

    Hey all! :D   So for a while now my tank has been an odd colour. If i could describe it, it would be a greeny-yellow-blue XD Its honestly more on the yellow side, but sometimes looks a little blueish green. It has been like this since I had a massive ammonia spike a month or two ago. The water...
  5. L

    Water Change?

    Okay, so I just completed my weekly water change, about 45% this week since it had been nearer 10 days since the last one rather than 7, and things went smoothly but as i was watching my fish settle, I noticed a couple things. One, i can see green algae forming, finally, which means I'm going to...
  6. D

    Plant Id

    Hi all, Could anyone tell me what plant this is? Had it for a while now and was just wondering.   The black spots where the roots are growing: can these be picked off and planted to grow into another plant? Any tips for doing this successfully? Thanks!  ...
  7. elipilgrim

    Green Tiger Barb (Aggressive)/?'s

         Hey there everyone, I am fairly new to having a tank and only getting the initial cycling process near the end now.. It was a fish-in cycle, with a couple losses on the way but not many.      I have a 29 gallon tank with 3 plants in it at the moment. Here's a picture:      Inside are 8...
  8. AngelAi

    My New Bettas

    my new green lace bettas. they are not here yet but they will be soon and after I'm done conditioning them i'm gonna try to breed.  getting 2 females. 
  9. 5

    Couple Pics Of My L200 Green Phantoms

    A few of my green phantoms! These guys are probably my most active plecos.
  10. asilisa2000

    Plant Id Please

    does anyone know what that hairy mass is? Is it growth from a morimo moss ball?      
  11. P

    Large Bundle Of Mixed Java Fern Colchester Essex

    Quantity for sale: A large bundle, mixed varieties, impossible to count please see photo Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: I would like some Anubias in exchange Postage & Packaging: I will pay as long as you pay your postage Location: Colchester Essex Photograph:        
  12. S

    Replaced Bulbs.. Now Algae :(

    Hi all, Hope you can help, my tank was looking very dull and tired and so it was time for me to get back into it. I replaced my bulbs with a couple from lamp specs, I went for 1x grolux and a 880 Philips, at the same time I also purchased an 865 and 845 to test out the colour combinations. I...
  13. K

    Swim Bladder Or Kidney Turning Green?

    This is a bloodfin tetra that has been in the tank for 6 days. Tank size: 29g tall; Eclipse; over 3 years old. pH: 7.4 ammonia: .2 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 5 kH: 40 gH: 50 tank temp: 78 Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): the fish was fine...