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  1. H

    Possible Gravid Tiger Barb!

    We think we may have a possible gravid Tiger Barb. From some research I've done she also appears to be pairing with a male fish. My question is, how long will she remain gravid prior to dropping her eggs? Currently she's been bloated for 3days. We've transferred them into a makeshift fry tank in...
  2. C

    Weird Pregnant Guppy Gravid Spot

    Hey guys, So I have two pregnant female guppies, and both have fairly large gravid spots and have already squared off but will probably get a bit bigger. Anyways, in the morning their gravid spots are a translucent pink or orange, but as the day goes on, the gravid spot goes back to black like...
  3. P

    Black Female Guppy Birth?

    Hey,   So I'm not exactly new to guppies and their breeding, I used to keep them as a child and I currently breed swordtails and platys, though my brother has recently gotten 5 guppies, and all has gone well, they have settled in and now I've realised that one of the three females is very...
  4. F

    Platy Is Pregnant Move To Cory Tank?

    I have a pregnant wag tail platy about a week into the pregnancy. I have 3 tanks available to move her to and and let fry develop in. options are as follow 10g: platy tank/betta tank 4 bettas (3 female 1 male) 4platys (3 female 1 male) 1 bristlenose pleco 2 synodontus catfish a male and female...
  5. Deepatlantis

    Does Gravid Spot Go Away After Birth?

    Hi, one of my guppies gave birth yesterday but still has a very dark gravid spot, and to be honest still looks pregnant. Does the gravid spot fade and redevelop and if so when does it happen? Or is it possible she was pregnant with two litters and will give birth again in the next few days...
  6. Jessman

    Is My Guppy Fry Pregnant?

    Just over a week ago i bought a couple more platys and guppies. on the way home i found a guppy fry hiding in the corner of the bag (must of snuck in the net with one of the others!!) anyway the fry has a gravid spot, ive heard that a gravid spot doesnt always mean that they are pregnant, and...