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  1. G

    Help! Emergency! Save Dorothy The Goldfish!

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum in the hopes that someone could help me. Before the story, you'll probably want some info. Here's the stats:  29 Gallon KH: 20 PH: 7 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 I siphon every few days, and do a 10% water change every week. A tablespoon of aquarium salt  is added...
  2. laurac94

    3 Large Goldfish, West Yorkshire

    Age and condition: very healthy goldfish, and very greedy ;-) one is a shubunkin, I think one is a fantail, and the other is a bright orange goldfish, age unknown Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: selling for my dad, currently kept in a 20 gallon because their other tank cracked at another...
  3. P

    Guide For Pond ? I.e. Maintainance, Guides

    Ive been recently reading up on all the cool ponds that the forum members have but wonder if there is a basic guide out there as to how to set up the tank, Maintainance of the tank and other simple but basic 'rules'   A very easy one comes to mind. In summer with such a large avaliability of...
  4. BlackyMoory

    How Many Commet Goldfish Could Live In This Tank?

    I'm 90% Sure my goldfish are comet goldfish       Thanks Guys! 
  5. BlackyMoory

    Goldfish Laid Eggs!

    Right so every year for the past 4 years my goldfish have been laying eggs usually the do not hatch but this year the eggs have little black dots on them :S   What should I do I separated them and have them in a warm room!   How can I tell if they are fertile ? What do I do ?   agh!!!    LOL xD
  6. M

    What Are They?

    A women in my area is selling Pond Fish and she included this picture. I'm not sure what they are... She said they were raised with Koi's (so they're not Koi's I'm guessing). Maybe just large goldfish?  
  7. M

    Help! My Goldfish Has A White Growth!

    HELP! My little goldfish has been slowly growing a small now medium sized growth on it's head. It is white and hard. I first thought it was some sort of cottony fungus until I reached a q-tip in there to apply medicine to the area and found it was not a fungal growth because it was hard and...
  8. RCA

    Weird And Funny Fish

    Was not sure where to put this but thought this area was probably the best.  Recently went searching for a missing profile picture for a friend and came across this...   I would not want one of those in my tank...
  9. G

    Nitrate Problems

    Hi everyone,   Lately, I've been having trouble with nitrate in my tank.  I own two fancy goldfish, a 6 inch long and a 5 inch long, and keep them together in a 25 gallon tank.  I change out the water regularly, replace filter cartridges monthly, dose with natural remedies (like stress coat X...
  10. G

    Goldfish Food Question

    Hi everyone,   I own 2 fancy goldfish and ever since I had them I have been feeding them natural foods, mainly from the Top Fin brand.  I am aware that Top Fin is not a good fish food brand, but I noticed that when I read the label, the ingredients were natural (shrimp, algae, etc.)  My fish...
  11. P

    Goldfish Dying, Tried Medicine, Wont Work!

    HELP! I don't know what else to do, sigh my goldfish got ick from another fish I added about a month ago, unfortunately the fish died, cleaned the aquarium and treated my goldfish with ick jungle treatment, he recovered, some weeks later he got fin rot, checked the ammonia levels and they were...
  12. T

    What Was That White Fuzzy Stuff?

    alright so i had a tank of goldfish a while back. I had a very special oranda named Kitty he got sick one day because he got swim bladder and while that happened i guess he was stressed because a million other things went wrong with him and his fins began to desinagrate i used melafix for a...