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  1. biofish

    How do guppy tail fin genetics work exactly

    Hello fam. So I have a few fry that were born from their mothers who were pregnant from the store, so I hadn’t gotten a chance to breed them yet, and their tails are freaking me out a little bit. I thought depending on species or type of guppy, they usually had small even fins for normal...
  2. J

    Betta identification and genetics

    Hello, I believe I have a 'fancy' halfmoon male betta (see picture, may be wrong) and I am going to try and breed him with one of my females (currently all veiltails). However, I read somewhere that the veiltail gene is dominant and thus would result in all the fry having a veiltail... is this...
  3. S

    Honduran Red Points x Convicts

    Hi all! I'm new to cichlids and am looking for any information on the Honduran Red Point/Convict cross. I bought six juvie HRPs after hearing they are a less aggressive convict type, later realizing that most if not all fish sold as HRPs are crossed with convicts somewhere down the line...
  4. Bazouteast

    Commercial Breeders – Heroes Or Villains?

    Since retiring and returning to fish keeping/breeding I have noticed trends that suggest bad practice by some commercial breeders/suppliers, possibly with the acquiescence of some retailers. We know the appalling practice of artificial colouring but points raised here make no direct accusations...