fish in cycle

  1. F

    Question about cycling

    So I have a 7.5 gallon tank that I set up about a month ago. 2 days ago I put in 1 pea puffer to do a fish in cycle as the tank wasn't cycled. But when I tested the water today the results were this: ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate : 5.0 Is this normal?
  2. outofwater

    10g tank for dwarf gourami

    This was supposed to be a quarantine/planting tank, but plans went sideways when I realized that this dwarf gourami, Mr. Bluerami; was bullying my cories and pretty much all others on my 29g tank. My son grew attached to him, so returning him (it was a gift) or otherwise getting rid of him...
  3. AilyNC

    Thanks for all the help - happy fish pics

    I've been doing 75% daily water changes since last Thursday & things have really calmed down in my fish in Cycle crash tank. All the new plants are in & the fish are enjoying them :) thanks for all the help :)
  4. AilyNC

    Water change now or wait? Fish in Cycle mayhem

    Hey :) You can read about my initial catastrophe here when I lost my Molly and learned about cycling a tank too late. At this point I'd tank about 5 weeks & lost 4 fish. Thanks to all the help in that thread. I've now lost fish number 5...
  5. M

    Is my tank cycled?

    I’m new to getting tropical fish so have began with a 22l cube tank with filter, heater etc. I put this together one week ago, adding water conditioner etc. I had to add a small platy since had no where else to go, 24hr later I added a dose of tetra safestart which I have read good things about...
  6. Emi Leigh

    Fish in cycle, a few questions

    Hello, I have a 5 gallon and didn't realize about the cycling process before I got my betta. I am using seachem prime and stability. I follow the image below for water changes. I started my cycle and I was using Spring water. I had ammonia and nitrate together, pretty early on which is weird. I...
  7. jimboshrimp

    Im Worried About Adding More Fish Shrimps Etc After All The Problems I

    Hi all As you probably know I've had a few problems after firstly doing fish in cycle 3 zebra danios 3 golden barbs (thanks to advice from pets at home ) then had ammonia problems (sorted that out)  after getting everything on even keel a few weeks later added some more fish 5 neon tetras from...
  8. Ciddire

    New To The Hobby And Have Some Questions.

    Greetings all!   I have no prior fish experience and was assured by the fish expert everything would be okay...however I decided to look on the internet (and stumbled on this forum) I think I might have made a horrible mistake. I wish I would of been informed about the much safer fishless cycle...
  9. C

    Api Stress Coat: False Ammonia Readings?

    About 50 years ago, I used to have an aquarium -- a very happy healthy one.  My success must have been blind beginner's luck, because I knew nothing of the nitrogen cycle, yet my tank flourished!  Okay, so here I am 50 years later, trying to pick up this hobby where I left off.  Unfortunately, I...