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fish disease

  1. E

    Goldfish Disease Identification ?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using an other forum for 5 years but we can’t seem to figure out this problem with my goldfish. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. I’ve had this common goldfish for 6 years. Currently in a 20g cycled aquarium alone with a filter and aerator. Ammonia...
  2. CozyCat

    Treating velvet disease

    Hi all, I have just noticed a milky cloudy stuff partially covering the head of a guppy fish, it's also on the body and tail fin of my betta fish. They are also quite lethargic and are sitting on the substrate (especially the guppy). Though after some googling and youtubing, I'm pretty sure the...
  3. T

    Please help my betta fish

    Hi there. I’ve contacted so many vets about this, and everyone says to euthanize him. I really want him to have a chance at living his best life, so please hear out this story. My male betta fish, Trooper, has had some sort of bubble in his abdomen and has been stuck at the surface of the tank...
  4. A

    Really fat cardinal tetra

    Hi there, new to the forum. So I have 40l tank with 2 f.betta and 2 cardinal tetras and 5 black neon tetras. One of my cardinals is so so fat, he was a little big when I got him 4 months ago but seems to have ballooned ever since, but always seemed healthy, swims normal, eats normal. Last...
  5. Y

    Unknown fish disease

    Hi, I noticed my Gourami had small hole on its side and a brown string was coming out of it. The string drops and continusly keeps dropping. For 3 days now.The fish is eating and swimming like normal. I just added API general cure to my tank last night hoping it stop. Just incase it was...
  6. TheRisingPhoenix

    Bacterial growth on fish eyes HELP DIAGNOSE!!!

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but not at all new to fish forums in general. I am an experienced freshwater tropical (mostly SA Cichlids) fish and reptile enthusiast. I am having issues in my 72 bowfront planted South American Cichlid community. I dose DIY Co2 (Citric acid/Baking...
  7. Hannitah

    Pleco acting weird

    Hello! I have a common pleco in a 29 gal (along with just 1 female Betta because I have a sorority but she was too aggressive for everyone else but she's been good with Tom the plecosTOMus) anyway, recently Tom has been acting really odd. At times he will be super still, not even sucking on...
  8. J

    Identifying Flukes in Fish

    Hi, New here and not entirely sure this is an 'emergency' or not but couldn't find a "fish health" section on here. I have a pretty well planted 40 gallon tank and have noticed my fish flicking and twitching parts of themselves onto plants , gravel or anything else in the tank. I noticed it a...
  9. C

    Platy with Whitish Spot on Chin

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: don’t know ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: <5 ppm kH: don’t know gH: don’t know tank temp: 75 F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Ok here’s the story folks. I’ve been planning to add another platy to my...
  10. B

    Sick red tailed shark

    my red tailed shark has been acting strange for a couple days, two of my other fish(clown loaches) died and they were acting the same way. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong, I tested my water nitrate reads about 30, nitritereads .5-1.0, water hardness is very soft, chlorine is 0, total alkalinity...
  11. T

    Need help identifying a this disease.

    Hello, I recently returned to this hobby after a 7 year break. I'm excited to return but am running into trouble. I need help diagnosing this disease. I have a newly cycled tank that's about 2 months old and stocked this tank lightly about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunatly there was some hidden ich on...
  12. B

    Help. Abnormal Growth. Anyone Know What This Is?

    Please see photo.   Does anyone know what this is or how to treat it if possible?   Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. S

    Blood Parrot Fish With Worm Like Things In Its Gills

    I have 45 gallon fish tank with 5 parrot fish in it I had one parrot fish with worm like things coming from its gills now another one has it what is it and how do I get rid of it? Please help
  14. G

    Help! At My Wits End, All Fish Dead Again!

    I am at my wits end with my 55 GAL tank, for the last 14 months (since I bought this tank) I have had nothing but a serious of sickness, that I believe were ick and velvet, after attemtping treatments that failed I just started over each time because all fish died.   Started over means broke...