1. Phalloceros

    Endlers with predators

    Is it possible to keep a healthy population of endlers with a larger fish that would eat them such as a firemouthcichlid? Say the endlers would breed as fast as the cichlids can eat them they would be able to sustain themselves?
  2. Circus

    Substitute for Pink Convict

    So in my 90 gallon tank (48 long, 18 wide, 21.5 high) I was hoping to get a Pink Convict, but non will be available for awhile. What would be a good substitute? I want a fish that will contrast with my planned build, but doesn't get huge (like an oscar). Right now I have 2 Firemouth Cichlids...
  3. J

    Is 3 firemouths, 2 jewels and 6 Odessa Barb's for a 200 litre?

    3 firemouths, 2 jewels , a striped Raphael catfish and 8 Odessa barbs in a 200 litre or 47/52 gallons .
  4. C

    Cichlid Agression

    I just got my first cichlid tank not to long ago. It's a 30 gallon, and I have 4 Cichlids, 2 African and 2 firemouths. There is one particular firemouth that has been very aggressive to one of the Africans and especially the other firemouth. The aggressive firemouth has left alone the Electric...
  5. Flinkbag

    Hole-In-The-Head On Firemouth Cichlid?

    Hello all!   So I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like all was well with the world. I stepped outside my bedroom and BAM! I instantly noticed than my Firemouth Cichlid seemed to have a white, indented dot on his head. I'm fearing the worst, but I really want someone to prove me...
  6. Flinkbag

    Love - Hate Relationship

    Hey all!    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just wanted to show off my Purple Spotted Gudgeon, Dobby, and my Firemouth Cichlid, Susan. They're practically inseparable, yet tend to squabble with each other like an old married couple. Its more just displays than anything...
  7. hudsona85

    New Firemouth Cichlid!

    Went to my LFS and found this little guy/girl. Couldn't pass it up! Plan to put this one in the 75gal when I get it going!  
  8. SouthernCross

    Pic Post - Please Help Confirm Sex Of My Elliotis

    Hi all, So I've finally gotten hold of some of these guys! I am keen to confirm what sex they might be. Thereis a lot of chasing going on by the one I think is male towards the ? female. If they do pair up I have a spare three footer I'm hoping to move them into if they do, as there's potential...
  9. jwalser18

    Needing Some Stocking Advice

    Okay, So here's my delemma.   I had rushed into this hobby about 5 months ago, and didn't know what the hell I was doing. This is probably going to be horrifically long, so i apologize now.   My stocking was: -10g with 6 tiger barbs -20g with 1 convict (f) adult 1(f) 8"red devil...