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  1. Circus

    LFS, Firemouth Pair

    My lfs had two more of their firemouths pair off and breed. Here is the pic I caught of them. This is the 2nd pair so far from that shipment, the first was sold as a breeding pair and the customer also got all of the fry.
  2. Circus

    80 Gallon, Lightly Planted

    I spent way too much money this paycheck getting this tank set up, but it is worth it so far. I have been running the filter on an established tank for over a month now and placed it on the tank yesterday, after adding my sand. I ordered some Seiryu stones and those have been placed, along with...
  3. J

    Firemouth Cichlid problem

    I have recently started a fish tank which is a 40 gallon feeder that currently has 3 blood parrots, 2 jewel cichlids, 2 firemouths, 3 red zebras and 2 Mainganos. They are all fairly small. However one of the Firemouths seemed to immediately be tentative, but otherwise seemed fine. Then, 4...
  4. F

    Firemouth Chiclids

    I think for now I will forget about Discus and try something new and easier. I was thinking about Firemouth Chiclids. How many can I put in a tank 65 gallons US with 10 Sterbais and 2 Synodontis? I have a Canister Filter, planted heavily and water changes of 40% once a week. I was thinking 4?