#fin rot

  1. Mackamoora


    A couple months ago my sister in law bought a betta, Galaxy, he was doing great always swimming, his fins were great, very active and would eat well. She noticed a white spot that we treated as ick, but I also noticed how horrible the back fin looks and his scales are losing color. Hes a lot...
  2. Mackamoora


    ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️ Hello. I’ve had my betta, Nilou, for about 1.5 years now. About two or more weeks ago I put him in a hospital tank, trying aquarium salt, Melafix, and other remedies to try and cure what I thought to be fin rot. I started noticing signs of illness about half a month before I...
  3. JackieP

    I think my betta fish has fin rot

    Her fins really just look bad to me. They’ve darkened and it looks like they’re becoming smaller. I think she actually just had dropsy which is now better because of the epsom salt baths. I know dropsy is just a symptom of a disease. Let me know what you think.
  4. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  5. B

    fin rot wont go away

    this is my first betta ive gotten. a couple weeks after i got him, i was unable to go to the house with the fish because it was contaminated with covid. when i got back, my fish had fin rot. this was around the beginning of the year. i immediately did a full tank clean, took out sharp decor, and...
  6. JackieP

    Is this fin rot?? Or something else? PLEASE HELP.

    Ok so I’ve been on here already because my betta fish has some tears in her fins and I’m trying to figure out why. But look at these pictures of before and after. That’s how her fins looked month ago and that’s how they look now. Like doesn’t that look like fin rot or something? They look like...
  7. K

    Fin rot help! Platy & Betta

    Here is the situation, I believe my teenage platy has fin rot as well as my daughters betta. I have a 36 gal tank & my daughter has a separate 5 gal betta tank. Her betta used to share his tank with another betta (with a divider) & came down with fin rot. We removed the other betta & got him...