fin nipping

  1. K

    Possible fin rot or fin nipping? What is the best course of action?

    Good evening all! I have a long fin danio that I noticed today has his back fins separated into three parts, all my other leopard danios don’t have fins like this so I got concerned and separated them from the others in my quarantine/hospital tank. I checked my water parameters and my ammonia...
  2. Y

    Plecs nipped fins

    Have an Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco, female and she is stunning, she’s about 5 inches long. Pretty sure when we got her her fins weren’t quite what they are now. She always used to stay in one place when the light was on and roam around of the night (light off) as usual. We started putting...
  3. CorydorasLover

    Emerald Cory Cat Is Chewing On Male Betta's Tail Fin?

    To start, I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 male betta (Loki) and 3 cory catfish: a peppered, an emerald, and an albino. (Heimdall, Doc & Peach.) At first, I had only Loki and the peppered (Heimdall) for several months together in the tank. They were content, but I'd been urged to add several more...
  4. D

    Tail Nipping Mystery

    I had a small tail nipping problem in my 55 gallon and figured it was my skunk loach because they are known for agression and fin nipping, but i got rid of him a few days ago and it seems worse... As of now I have: 2 white skirts A 1 inch EBJD A 3 inch Blue Acara 3 clown loaches 3 corey cats 1...
  5. Deepatlantis

    Fin Nipping Female Guppy...advice Needed

    I need some advice, one of my female guppies is due her first brood of fry some time next week. Today she started badly nipping the tail of my male guppy. She had been bullying him quite a lot, but when it turned to nipping I wasn't happy. I tried moving her into my smaller tank that has fry in...
  6. L

    Serpae Tetra Help!

    Went to work last night and all 6 of my serpaes were fine and dandy. come home this morning and now two have been beaten up a little. Obviously been nipped on their tail. They all seem pretty chill this morning except one. He is just a total spaz at the moment. When there are no fish around him...