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  1. G

    Bacterial bloom

    I dirted and reworked my tank about 3 weeks ago, and I've got some heavy clouded water on my hands. It's been there for over 2 weeks now, and I'm unsure what to do. I've done a lot of water changes, but it's not helping. I also have a UV filter, but the bulb seems to be out. Ammonia and nitrite...
  2. G

    Please help me figure out my lighting, ferts and CO2!

    I have a lot of trouble figuring out how much light and CO2 I have, and what plants would thrive in my tank. I could also use some help dosing ferts. My tank is about 120gallon or 540liters. I have 2 18w LEDs, (AquaEl) one at 10 000k and one at 6500k. I can't figure out what their PUR/PAR or...
  3. L

    Q's on Ferts, flow and making a new hood

    Hi As I mentioned in my previous thread, I'm about to strip my my tank and start again going high tech with a good substrate, co2 and new LED lighting. I've been buying everything I need but still need to buy a list of things and some of them I'm still researching. I wonder if anyone could...
  4. cooledwhip

    My Aquarium Lights...

    Hey. I have a 20 gallon long: http://imgur.com/3YpPnOu Species list: S. repens, Glosso(soon), Pearl weed, narrow leaf java fern, Rotala indica, Mint charlie/baby tears, crypts, ludwigia red, and another plant I don't know name of in back left by filter intake. It is red also and partially...
  5. David J

    A Few Issues - Co2, Ferts, Flow & Algae

    Hi I have a few issues and questions about my set up. My tank has been running for 2 years. Up until now it has not had Co2. It has always had live plants (swords, crypts, cabomba, anubias) and has bogwood and a few rocks with part sand part gravel substrate. Up until now I've been dosing...
  6. Xzavier247

    Foreground Discussion

          What is your favorite foreground plant? This is an open discussion for others to see whats available and what it looks like. Please submit your answer following with a picture.  This is to also help others who are new to the planted tank.    I'll start off with Dwarf Hairgrass.    Another...
  7. F

    Ferts, Plant Growth, Algae And Snails

    Hi all,   Have a few questions to ask regarding ferts etc. etc.   As people who have read my posts before will know, i'm in the middle of a plant-in cycle, 70L tank.. looking to create a fairly heavily planted community aquarium. Lights are LEDs equivalent to 6 w/L and are on 7/8 hours daily.  ...
  8. MrsEspoNYC7

    Seachem Flourish And Flourish Excel?

    hi this is probably a dumb question (well a few dumb questions actually does excel replace the need for a pressurized system? I'm very new at this plant stuff and a pressurized system seems too expensive and complicated for now am I supposed to use flourish and flourish excel? is one a fert and...
  9. aaronc

    Back After A Few Years Away - A Few Questions :)

    Hi All!! After a few years away from the hobby, I am busy plotting my return :) I had to get rid of my tank and all of my kit when I moved apartments 3 years ago, was gutted. Moving to a new place in May and plan to treat myself to a moving in present in the form of a new tank. I want to go...