female betta splendens

  1. carligraceee

    Need some opinions on Female Betta tank

    I have a betta sorority currently (4 females) and have been super stressed. I was thinking about removing them all and taking them back to the LFS. They just seem to never get along and there is always something wrong. I just don't know if they are worth keeping around with the stress they are...
  2. YewBush

    Young Betta Isn't Eating

    My sister has a young female betta. She has not been eating much, and I think her growth is getting stunted. Also, she is losing some of her color. I haven't tested the water yet because the last testing strip I had was a dud, but we are going to get the water tested at a pet store soon. The...
  3. RCA

    Betta Girls, They Can Be As Stunning As The Boys

    Well sorry all of you, I was hoping my 11 y/o nephew was going to be in the mood to wash gravel with me today for my Juwel Vision Project.  Instead however he saw my tripod near the main tank in the bedroom and took some lovely shots of the Betta Girls that I thought I would share with you all...